New Year's Eve Message - MichiganCityDDS


As this year draws to a close, I find that I do not have the right words to express myself.  My head knows that the dates are arbitrary, my heart is full with the transition to the new calendar.  This year brought an irrevocable change, viz., the passing of my wife, Beth.  I am grateful for our decades together, yet my heart feels cheated.  I am rich, though, with my sons, daughter and grandson, family, with my friends in 3D life and e-life--both are real.  Thank you for so many warm and sustaining words this year, and the many laughs, too.  I wish the Gentle Reader peace in the New Year, the strength of a family's love, and the support of friends wherever one turns.  May God bless you and keep you.
Virginia Merchán
1/1/2010 01:03:20

Hugs, smiles, más hugs, más smiles... para el bueno y smart Johnny. Gracias a ti... y que sea, sí, un lindo año para todos. :)


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